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If you fancy an estate car with a swanky premium badge, the Audi A4 Avant really should be on your shortlist. It has all the positive attributes of the A4 Saloon, but adds a bigger, cleverer boot.. Audi's smallest estate, and its heartland family car until all those crossovers came along and stole its thunder. The A4 Avant is Audi's answer to the BMW 3 Series Touring, Mercedes-Benz C. The Audi A4 has long sat near the top of the executive car tree, beside rivals like the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and Jaguar XE.The Avant estate has always been held in similar esteem, taking. The Audi A4 Avant of 2019 might look like every other Audi estate on the road, but look beyond the nondescript styling and you'll find that this A4 is bigger, better and fitted with more high tech than any other Avant before it

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  1. The 2016 Audi A4 is a rival to the BMW 3-series, Mercedes C-class and Jaguar XE, but does it have what it takes to go to the top of the class? Rebecca Jackso..
  2. The Audi A4 Avant competes with executive estates such as the BMW 3 Series Touring, Mercedes C-Class, Volvo V60 and - to a lesser extent - the Volkswagen Passat estate and Mazda6 Tourer. The.
  3. New Audi A4 Avant 2019 review The facelifted 2019 Audi A4 Avant estate gets a big technology boost including a mild-hybrid system. Is it enough? by: Alex Ingram. 16 Jul 2019. 20
  4. Audi expects the A4 Avant to be outsold by the Q5 at the rate of about six to one. Yes, the SUV juggernaut has rendered even a vehicle as practical and appealing as this to being a mere niche model
  5. The range then steps up to the A4 45 TFSI quattro S line, which is yours for $68,900 in sedan guise, or $71,400 for the Avant, or wagon. Both are S line only, so you get the sportier style, but you also build on the 35 TFSI S line's equipment list with a memory function for the driver's seat and a better Audi 10-speaker stereo

Other powertrain options in the Audi A4 Avant line-up include the entry-level 125kW/320Nm 1.8 TFSI petrol ($58,500), the frugal 130kW/380Nm 2.0 TDI four-cylinder diesel ($60,900), and the 155kW. In January 2016, I took delivery of my brand new Audi A4 Avant. It was one of the first of the new generation of A4s, and I made a few videos reviewing it f..

Audi A4 RS4 Avant (2012 - 2015) in-depth review. Read our experts' views on the engine, practicality, running costs, overall performance and more The Audi A4 is an improvement Audi A4 Ultra first drive review. New Audi A4 Ultra combines low fuel consumption and emissions with good drivability. Audi A4 2.0 TDIe. Avant might just have the. Displaying 1 - 10 of 2005 Audi A4 Avant 10 reviews. 12 Next 2005 Audi A4 Avant Review . GuruCVLK8 writes: Overall: 1 5 5. This car is great, is is missing some things I would have like, folding mirrors, satellite radio. Other than that a great car!! Is this review helpful?.


Review Audi A4 Avant. De Audi A4 Avant (uitvoering 2020) koop je als je een schitterend afgewerkte auto wilt, met veel comfort en ook in de basis meer da Audi A4 2019 review; Audi A4 2019 review. From £26,265 8. Share review. Tech upgrades give the A4's cabin a welcome lift. Dynamically much the same as before, but it remains a refined, smooth. Ten Second Review. The fifth generation Audi A4 Avant now features a sharper look and still claims to be class-leadingly efficient, hi-tech and, yes, practical. There's a 510-litre boot that's bigger than you might expect from a car in the compact executive market segment and the usual cool, classy Audi ambience. You'd like one Audi A4 Avant 2017 Long-term Test Review #1 February 2017 Review 20. Audi A4 Avant 2017 Review December 2016 Review 8 1. Best Prestige Car Under $100K: Audi A4 November 2016 Review 15. Audi A4 allroad quattro 2016 Review.

2006 Audi A4 Avant Review. Nick writes: Appearance: Performance: Quality: Overall: 1 5 5. A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing — This car is amazing. It's one of the fastest diesels around (232hp/171kW) yet it's very economical, especially given it's performance Audi interiors are among the best in the business, but the A4 Avant is nevertheless a stunning example of the class-leader forging even further ahead - and making it very difficult for its rivals to compete in the process. Everything feels expensively made and built to a very fine tolerance Car Review Audi A4 Avant By design the A4 Avant isn't as good to drive as a BMW 3 Series Touring. It's by no means bad, the A4 just isn't as fun or involving as its arch-rival The Audi A4 Avant is more expensive than the non-premium estates, which include the Skoda Superb and Volkswagen Passat, but it's predicted to hold on to its value well.Resale values are similar to. The Audi A4 Avant is one of the best of the breed. Elegantly styled, it has an exceptional interior and cut-above road manners that make it feel like a genuinely upmarket car. It's commendably..

The new Audi A4 Avant is more economical, more refined and more practical than its predecessor. It's quick, too, if you choose the range-topping 3.0 TDI that we tested. As well as being powerful, this model has Audi's Quattro four-wheel-drive system to make the most of that performance whatever the weather The Audi A4 saloon and Audi A4 Avant estate are respected compact executive cars that can be chosen with a choice of pretty powerful petrol and diesel engines. The Audi S4 is also on hand to.

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Read the definitive Audi A4 Avant 2021 review from the expert What Car? team. Check specs, prices, performance and compare with similar cars The Audi A4 Avant, as the name suggests, is based upon the A4 saloon, but with some major differences in the form of capacity. As it's an estate model, the A.. Audi A4 Avant (2016) review Posted by: Curtis Hutchinson in Car News , Reviews Thursday, 30 June 2016 0 The Avant version of Audi's latest generation A4 entered showrooms at the beginning of the year to further strengthen the brand's expanding line-up

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CarExpert's take on the Audi A4 Avant 45 TFSI quattro S line. While there's no cheap '35 TFSI' access point to A4 Avant, the higher-powered '45' Quattro with just enough S line sportiness is a nicely-rounded package at about the right price The new Audi A4 wagon, the Avant, has had a similar makeover to the A4 sedan for 2021, but a wagon always comes with extra benefits, especially boot space. It looks like it's going to be more accommodating and while the sedan does have good space, the wagon feels more like a family car. I test drove the Audi A4 45 TFSI quattro, which is second from the top of the range and costs $71,400.

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  2. Audi A4 Avant véhicule d'occasion. Offre de E-Motors Paris. La voiture se trouve à Buchelay, le prix de la Audi A4 Avant est de 18900 Euro
  3. AUDI A4 AVANT - 231 196 DH
  4. The Audi A4 Avant's 505-litre boot is 10 litres larger than the 3 Series Touring's and 15 litres bigger than in C-Class Estate. You probably won't notice this difference unless you regularly fill your boot to the brim but the Audi's slightly wider boot opening makes it a touch easier to load bulky items than in the BMW or Mercedes
  5. The new A4 Avant is one of the best cars of its type, so if you want you next company car with a little extra room, this should be at the top of the list. The on-board technology, gorgeous interior and hushed refinement of the A4 all mean it feels like a big step-up from any mainstream rival
  6. Like the sedan the A4 Avant is paired with Audi's seven-speed s-tronic transmission, whereas the 3-litre diesel gets the option of damping control. The Avant sits on 18in alloys, with the option to spec up to 19in - just like the sedan

2017 Audi A4 Range Review The Audi A4 is a beautifully trimmed, swift and very fuel-efficient mid-sized car. All-wheel drive is optional, and auto-braking is standard. 4 May 2017. and a five-door wagon named the A4 Avant. Some A4s drive their front wheels, while others drive all four wheels. The A4 is classed as a medium car, higher priced Audi A4 3.2 Avant Mercedes-Benz and BMW take notice: The 2005 Audi A4 3.2 Avant has arrived, and it's one of the most powerful and accomplished small wagons on the road Had my car in at Audi for some warranty work today and got lended a fwd 40tfsi avant. I must say was damn impressed with the performance! Had a a5 40tdi before which was of course more torqey but the tfsi version was much more responsive, maybe even quicker overall. Surely it must be more.. Achetez votre Audi A4 Avant d'occasion en toute sécurité avec Reezocar et trouvez le meilleur prix grâce à toutes les annonces Audi A4 Avant à vendre en Europe. Véhicules inspectés, garantis et livrés à Paris ou devant chez vous. Voiture disponible sans délais

Occasions Audi A4: Retrouvez parmi 119 annonces Audi A4 d'occasions auprès de vendeurs privés ou garage au Luxembourg, en Belgique, en France et Allemagne AUDI A4 AVANTA4 Avant 1.8 TFSI 170 Ambition Luxe2015123 000 kmEssence sans plombUstaritz(64)Ustaritz(64) Toutes les voitures d'occasion. Voir toutes les photos (26) Voir ce véhicule en 360°. Télécharger le rapport. VENDUE Toutes les offres d'occasion de A4 Avant importées d'Allemagne ou déjà en France, de 20 499 € à 58 333 €.. Vous pouvez aussi déposer votre demande de recherche via le formulaire ci-dessous 2021 Audi A4 Review. By Autotrader 10/29/2020 3:00pm. 1 of 7. The Audi A4 has undergone a few hardware and lineup changes for 2021. There is no longer a front-wheel-drive model, which means all 2021 Audi A4s have Quattro all-wheel drive. What's more, the base 2.0-liter engine, which used to put out 188 horsepower, now generates 201 hp, thanks.

2009 Audi A4 Avant - Car Review by Brad Leach under Review on 11 Dec 2009 09:00:34 AM 11 Dec 2009. 0 Total photos. 2009 Audi A4 Avant - Car Review 5; 2009 AUDI A4 Price Range $55,900 - $72,900 Fuel Consumption 4.9L - 7.4L/100km. PROS. CONS. GET THE BEST PRICE > Achat de votre Audi A4 Avant. En tant que distributeur automobile digital, nous proposons des berlines et breaks supérieurs Audi à prix moins cher qu'en concession, environ 750€ de remise en moyenne (source: Autobiz).Vous achetez ainsi votre break haut de gamme Audi A4 Avant d'occasion récente pas chère, garantie dans tout le Réseau Audi, et Satisfait ou 100% Remboursé With Audi's legendary AWD system firmly attached to the underside, the 2.0 TFSI unleashes 252-horsepower between 5,000 - 6,000 rpm and a lofty 273 lb.-ft. of torque from 1,600 - 4,500 rpm. The difference in performance is immediately noticeable while the increase in fuel consumption is negligible. Despite the 1,600+ kg of A4 to haul.

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Audi A4 occasion. Enregistrer. Enregistrer la recherche. 1 654 annonces auto? AUDI A4 (5E GENERATION) AVANT AVANT 2.0 TDI 150 BVS-TRONIC BUSINESS LINE 255 Audi A4 Avant à partir de 13 500 €. Consultez les meilleures offres pour votre recherche audi a4 avant 4x4. Audi a4 2.0 tdi 120cv ambition luxe, 1ere main,an 08/2014,1130000. Intérieur cuir siège chauffant, accoudoirs, aide au stationnement avant arrière. Audi a4 noir 2016 - audi a4 avant 2.0 The roads in this town, nestled up hard against the base of the Alps, curve up and down the inclines like sinewy snakes. It was a very long way to go to look at what is, essentially, a facelift for the 2020 Audi A4. But once on those roads, it was also a refresher of why the A4 is among the bestsellers for the company Audi S4 Avant review. Who doesn't love a fast wagon? Even at a time when SUVs are all the rage, there's something deeply appealing about a load-lugger with some get-up-and-go Audi A4 - Avant 35 TDI 163pk S-tronic Launch Edition Sport + MMI Plus Bouwjaar: 2020 , Km.stand: 12.833 km Diesel, 1968cc, 120kW, Automaat, Stationwagon, Zwart, 5-deur

Da der Audi A4 Avant schon sehr lange sehr erfolgreich ist, fällt die Auswahl an Gebrauchtwagen riesig aus. So lässt sich für jede Preisklasse etwas finden. Für einen soliden Gebrauchten mit mehr als 100.000,00 km sollten Sie mit rund EUR 15.000,00 rechnen. Die Kontrahenten des Audi A4 Avant AUDI A4 Occasion kaufen auf AUTOLINA. AUDI. A4. CHF 85'358. AUDI A4 Avant 45 TFSI S lin. CHF 74'900. AUDI A4 Avant 40 TFSI S lin. CHF 34'800. AUDI A4 35 TDI S line S-tro Essai: Audi A4 Avant 1.8 TFSI - Coups d'éclat Mario Hommen · 17/04/2009 · 8 min lus Image, sportivité et espace - dans le monde de l'automobile, ces qualificatifs, qui ne sont contradictoires qu'au premier abord, sont associés en toute harmonie dans l'Audi A4Avant The American Hot is pretty much where we've got to in the world of cars with the new Audi A4. The idea of personalised mobility using internal combustion was dreamt up by Karl Benz, and for the past 130 years everyone's been fiddling around with his original concept until we've arrived at the point where there's nothing left to do

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Audi A4 Midi-Pyrénées : annonces et services gratuits. Découvrez plus de 610 annonces de voitures Audi A4 à vendre en Midi-Pyrénées sur ParuVendu.fr. Nos offres de A4 d'occasions à acheter proviennent de vendeurs particuliers et professionnels. Profitez de nos services exclusifs pour votre automobile : évaluez la cote, consultez la. The Audi A4 Avant's combination of good looks, strong performance and ample interior space makes it a perfect getaway companion. On an impromptu weekend drive from New York City to Annapolis, Md.

2 FEUX PHARE AVANT A TUBE LED TFL POUR AUDI A4 B7 DE 11/2004 A 11/2007 (Compatible avec : Audi A4 Avant) 389,00 EUR. Phare avant Set pour Audi A4 8E B6 Année Fab. 00-04 H7+H7 Electr. Lwr Berline (Compatible avec : Audi A4 Avant) 166,07 EUR Design sportif, fonctionnalité élevée L'Audi A4 Avant. Consommation de carburant en cycle mixte:* 9,0 - 5,2 l/100km Émissions de CO2 en cycle mixte:* 205 - 137 g/km L'Audi A4 Avant véhicule un message fort en matière de sportivité, de qualité, de numérisation et de flexibilité. Grâce à son nouveau langage stylistique, le véhicule se démarque clairement de l'ancien modèle Votre Audi A4 Avant en leasing. Choisir une LOA pour une Audi A4 Avant est un moyen efficace d'acheter votre nouvelle voiture sans vous ruiner. En effet, la location longue durée pour votre Audi A4 Avant avec option d'achat vous évite de dépenser une grosse somme d'argent en une fois tout en vous permettant de profiter de votre nouveau véhicule

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  1. Audi A4, paradepaardje is van alle markten thuis. Wil je een Audi occasion kopen, het nieuwste model leasen of juist je trouwe bolide verkopen? Op Marktplaats vind je altijd het grootste aanbod occasions, private lease en nieuwe auto's: particulier of bij één van de 8.000 autobedrijven. Bekijk op deze pagina direct alle Audi modellen of gebruik onze handige tools bij de aan- of verkoop van.
  2. Learn more about the 2012 Audi A4. Get 2012 Audi A4 values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you
  3. Audi A4 AVANT d'occasion année 2017, 5 portes, moteur Diesel 150ch. Une occasion garantie à voir chez C.A.R. - Royan (17)
  4. Audi's decision-makers didn't drop the RS 6 Avant into U.S. dealerships on a whim, however. After stoking the fires with the A4 Allroad and A6 Allroad, two successful wagons disguised with the scantest of body cladding and the briefest of lifts to help them infiltrate crossover country, Audi realized there was enough demand to justify expanding the lineup to include the sharpest.
  5. Label Audi Occasion :plus. Le label Audi Occasion :plus vous permet d'acquérir un véhicule d'occasion avec les mêmes avantages que les véhicules neufs : - Garantie jusqu'à 24 mois et kilométrage illimité - Assistance 24/7 en France et en Europ

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Tweedehandse Audi A4 Avant, Station, Sedan, Cabrio, B6, B7 en B8. De Audi A4 Sedan en Audi A4 Station (Avant) blijven bij nieuwere A4-generaties bestaan. Audi breidt het aanbod wel uit, zoals met de Audi A4 Cabriolet. Zo'n 2-deurs Audi A4 Cabrio met stoffen dak is van de Audi A4 generatie B6 (2001-2004) of van de Audi A4 generatie B7 (2004-2008) Why You Can Trust Us: 31 Reviews Analyzed. We analyzed 31 Audi A4 Allroad reviews - along with reliability scores, fuel economy estimates, and more - to help you decide if the 2021 A4 Allroad is the right new car for you. This 2021 A4 Allroad review incorporates applicable research for all models in this generation, which launched for 2017 Audi A4 Avant véhicule d'occasion. Offre de E-Motors Paris. La voiture se trouve à Buchelay, le prix de la Audi A4 Avant est de 31000 Euro

Audi A4 22019 Audi A4 review: can a facelift put the fleetPoignee d'ouverture de capot AUDI A6 (C5) AVANT PHASE 12016 Volvo V60 review: a left-field alternative to an Audi2020 Audi A6; Mini A8 With Hybrid Engine Only - 2020 Auto SUV